His passion for ministry started from the tender age of seven where he wrote his first song, “Black Bubbler” and has blossomed into his adult life where many revere him as one of gospel’s stellar performers. Mr. Stefan Peninsilyn, as many know him, is a lyrical genius that effortlessly writes and contributes to the greater majority of any of his albums. He’s been dubbed “the spiritual injection” because of the prophetic impact his ministry invokes on the lives of those sitting in earshot of his musical command.

Some of Stefan major accomplishments was in his early years where he was the Tastees Talent competition champion in 2001. The winning song “Farmer Man” was recorded by Fab5 in 2002. The song was very successful and received outstanding airplay. He was also the Jamaica “Festival Song Competition Winner” which he has won back to back in 2003 and 2004.

Mr. Stefan Peninsilyn’s talent spawn across various genres of the ministry, which is not just limited to song, but to writing, acting, singing and directing.

Stefan also won several awards in the United States including “Top Male Evangelist” “Top Multicultural Artist” as well as the much sought after “Top DJ” and “Performer” of the year. One his most popular songs “Breast Leg and Thighs” has received song of year recognition twice in the United States and is now the number one selling single on his third album.

Stefan currently has six albums and is working on the seventh. He has done two short drama films and is currently working on the third. He has several music videos and short drama clips featured on YouTube. Stefan is always thinking of creative and comical ways to spread the gospel. He has written and directed two family plays that received very successful reviews.

His ministries’ sole purpose is to enrich lives and bless souls all to the glory and honor of God who is the mastermind behind all Peninsilyn’s accomplishments. His astronomical fan base is also testimony that his lyrical message via drama or song is authentically infused with an anointing that can only be given and maintained by a higher inspiration. Whether by his silly demeanor or uncharacteristic humor that forces a saddened heart to smile or by the way he enlivens an anticipating audience to chant with him as he echoes the words of the song “I Hear the Voice of the Christian Say,” Peninsilyn capture one’s heart and demands their soul to pay attention. There can only be one Peninsilyn as his unique relationship with God sets his musical product in a class by itself to be duplicated by none other.